🌊 NEW WAVE 🌊: Check out L.A Vangogh

L.A Vangogh is an artist to watch in 2017. His music is hypnotic and soothing; ‘Change My Number Pt 2’ is the song that allowed me to discover the rest of his music. Vangogh has an interesting and laid back sound within his music. While ‘Change My Number Pt 2’ is more of an R&B breakup jam, he doesn’t shy away from rapping over aggressive trap beats. On his E.P Friends First, the Chicago rapper provides us with lucrative word play along with an impressive rap flow, ‘Can't Chu Tell’ is a track that displays his talent.

L.A Vangogh is definitely an artist I am excited to see grow and blow up this year. Check out & stream his music on Spotify and SoundCloud.