REVIEW: Tommy Genesis - Tommy

Vancouver native and “it girl”, Tommy Genesis, released her highly anticipated self-titled debut album, Tommy, with 12 raunchy, aggressively fueled bangers. The album features her singles “100 Bad,” “Daddy,” “Bad Boy” and “Tommy.” Her reggae influenced single “Lucky” was cut from the album and after giving it a listen, I don’t think it would’ve fit into fetish rapper’s underworld playground. The album release came with a short-film titled “God is Wild,” in which the self-proclaimed hell spawn gives us a glimpse into her personalized demon wonderland.

The provocative rapper sets the tone with her sinister sounding opener “God Sent,”  which then easily transitions into the shimmering and vivid “Rainbow.” The first half of the album begins with an aggressive-trap approach with each song transitioning into each other effortlessly. “Rainbow” flows into the overly submissive, M.I.A influenced single, “Bad Boy.” The rapper doesn’t hold back on embracing her sexuality on this track with lines like “there's a rope around my pussy just to hold me to kiss me” and “I wait hours for my master in my mink and my bunny.” The Charli XCX assisted track “100 Bad” invites a more playful atmosphere into a space that is ruled by a submissive she-devil. Tommy’s erotic single “Daddy” comes into the rotation which she describes as “straight from the demon world.”

Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 1.18.14 PM.png

“there's a rope around my pussy just to hold me to kiss me”

The second half the album transitions into amorous club bangers while the rapper experiments with slow jams as well. Standout track “You Know Me” reminds me of Japanese pop blended with trap. Diving into “Drive” and “Its Ok,” the fetish rapper showcases her singing on these vulnerable and personal tracks. The closing track “Miami” is a personal favorite. The song oozes a certain carefree aura that is reminiscent to a summer nostalgia.

Tommy is the cohesive project that the rapper needed to propel her forward. The album is created to be listened entirely in full; collaborating with G.O.O.D Music affiliate Charlie Heat to produce more than half of this album, the cuts, transitions, and overall production quality is much higher than I originally expected. Tommy perfectly executed how her realm can be transitioned into audio form. From her erotic and submissive word play to the gritty and satanic production, Tommy, truly is an album that is God Sent.  

Rate: 8/10

Tracks not to be ignored:

  • Rainbow

  • Miami

  • Bad Boy

  • You Know Me